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Immigration Services

We provide comprehensive Immigration assistant to individuals in the U.S. and all over the world from our Fort Lauderdale immigration office to resolve their U.S. immigration issues, from living permanently, studying and working lawfully in the U.S. to acquiring or deriving U.S. citizenship. We also provide assistance to U.S. businesses and organizations secure work visas, such as H-1Bs, H-2B, R-1s and L-1s, for foreign national employees.

At Lewis Law, we are not your typical immigration law firm. Immigration law is one of the most complicated areas in the legal field. Thousands of consumers require immigration-related legal services each year, but unfortunately many individuals, often times relying on referrals from family and friends, are unknowingly defrauded by people claiming to be experts. The consequences can be devastating for those seeking the opportunity to live and work in the United States. Missing a deadline or not properly researching applicable law prior to submitting an application can cause an immigrant to lose their legal status or even face deportation. We know how the process works and will guide you through it. We’ll make sure you know what to do and when to do it so you can become a U.S. citizen.

You Need the Right Immigration Attorneys on Your Side!

Immigration law is a very difficult area of law to navigate. Our experience Attorneys understands the constantly changing immigration laws and are proud to use our experience and expertise to represent our clients in the many different areas of immigration law. It is of utmost importance that you understand your rights and hire an attorney who will aggressively defend those rights. Our goal is to ensure with complete transparency that you understand what you are up against, our legal team is equipped and ready to devote all necessary resources, time, and attention to provide you with superior legal representation.

We Work Hard on Your Immigration Case, We Listen, We Fight, You Win!

Our practice is built on the commitment to help and serve the immigrant community. You can count on having someone on your side that will work hard to ensure that you are properly represented. You don’t have to face the courts alone, wondering if you will say the right things or provide the proper documentation. We are dedicated to providing quality comprehensive legal service to each individual client. In our communications with clients, we spend the necessary time to ensure that clients understand their legal issues and the options available to them. It is with this focus that we aggressively pursue both affirmative and defensive immigration relief in a zealous and efficient manner. We do not shy away from hard cases or give up on the first USCIS denial or rejection, we exhaust all legal options in defense of our clients.

Our Promise to Clients

Immigration Services

When facing any legal issues, you need an aggressive experienced Attorney that you can trust and one that works even harder to earn that trust. At Lewis Law we are here to answer your calls. We are honest, trustworthy and fully committed to providing quality legal services. Part of our success is based on our commitment to transparency with our clients. Our firm is dedicated to bridging the gap for immigrants by providing the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies for each individual situation. We take pride in the quality of our work with a special emphasis on the attention to detail that is applied to each case. Our clients can testify to the legal professionalism and relentless commitment that our Attorneys display. This is one reason to trust Lewis Law to deliver the results that you need to experience your American Dream!

Don’t Gamble with Your Life!

In this dynamic immigration environment, effective, legal representation can be the difference between legal status and deportation. Don’t go it alone- let us help you.

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